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Harry Sardinas

Empowerment, Public Speaking and Leadership Coach, Author,

“What I loved about Reinvent Yourself is the incredible inspiring and gripping story of survival of Adaobi against all odds, whose message is that it is not too late for second chances, and it is never too late to start living the life you really want to live.”

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Steve Frew

Scotland’s First Gymnastics Commonwealth Games Gold Medallist

“After listening to Adaobi’s incredible story of triumph through adversity, of never giving up, and the strength of the human spirit, I have never felt so humbled, inspired and uplifted by the wonderful human being that she is. Adaobi’s extraordinary journey, is a gift for us all to realise that it’s never too late to set a goal, and achieve your dreams in life. The powerful lessons that Adaobi will teach you will empower you with hope, self belief, gratitude and show you how to reach the greatness within you. “Reinvent Yourself” is a shining light for us all to find our true calling and purpose…this book will change your life.”

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Jimmy Asuni

Motivational Speaker, Author of the book “Dare To Be Imperfect”

Adaobi is a woman of substance, a woman who has looked death in the face and conquered it. Her resilience is second to none and she is always upbeat about life. She is incredibly nice and a fighter. She is a brilliant communicator, her attention to details is remarkable. She speaks from the heart. Truly, she is a woman of great courage. I admire her tenacity to want to touch lives and show people how to reinvent themselves. Keep inspiring us all.”

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Teuta Avdyli

Empowerment Speaker, Author of the book “Born To Stand Out, Not To Fit In”

“Adaobi's book is very well done. The minute I started reading it, I was completely drawn to a wonderful and empowering story. Her book is made so clearly and easy to understand. I was very pleasantly surprised with the level of detail about her life transformation. She has a handful of excellent, well thought out stories. She has carefully created the Reinvention Mastery Program that will surely help those who need a wake up call. I strongly recommend to get your hands on this book. She emphasised the importance and the benefits of how we should live our lives to the fullest, and that we must do the best we can – because everything else is uncertain, for the sake of the one life that has been given to us and also for people around us. It delivers a very powerful message."

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Martina Coogan

CEO of The Mystery School

“Life is a gift, a privilege we only get to experience once! We take this gift for granted. We forget that we don’t have this body forever. It’s more like a rental for a short short time and one day we must return it as the rental has expired. In her book Adaobi shares her story and her fight to stay alive against all odds. She reminds us that life is indeed worth fighting for and we must ensure that we live each day with no regrets and take nothing for granted as indeed every experience is a pure privilege. She shares advice for each of us and reminds us that it’s never too late to make changes to improve our daily lives so we can create the quality of life with more awareness and gratitude. She reminds us of how the quality of our life truly makes a difference not only for ourselves but also for those around us who love us and value the journey of living life with us as part of their lives.”

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Antonetta Fernandes

“Adaobi's story will leave you inspired & remind you that life is a precious gift which should never be taken for granted. It reminds you how quickly it can change & how it's never too late to make huge life changes no matter what your age or background. Uplifting, inspiring & life-affirming. Thank you Adaobi.” Ben Brophy, & “A real human story touching every aspect of our creation where service to others played havoc on the HEART. 'Reinvent Yourself' gives credence to a new creation where the HEART takes control and designs the best version of YOU. What I found fascinating was the simplicity of the steps to happiness and a wish filled life the second time around. Adaobi's story is a must for humanity, health institutions like WHO, schools, workplaces globally.”

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Apostle Ada Nwachukwu

CEO, Tina Talk Show

I am amazed at how the author Adaobi has the courage to share her experience before her illness and after with the world. She has really empowered me and giving me an insight into why we should live in the moment. This book delivers the most practical and straightforward tutorial I have ever read to make me more focused.”